Brand DNA Workshops FAQ

What is the duration of a Brand DNA Workshop?

A Brand DNA Workshop consists of three phases:
Phase 1: First we have an introductory talk with the CEO/Business manager.
Based on the 7-C Strategic Checklist we try to gain a better insight into your company regarding the following aspects: Clients, Channels, Cost, Communication, Competitors, Co-workers.

Phase 2: The Brand DNA Workshop itself, usually lasting about five to six hours.

Phase 3: The final presentation for the board of directors. The entire process, from the first introductory talk until the final management presentation, usually lasts five to six weeks.

Who should/can participate in the Workshop?

The number of people participating in a Brand DNA Workshop varies from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 15 people. We encourage diversity.

It is of crucial importance that the CEO/Business manager actively attends the entire Brand DNA Workshop session. It is an important signal to the co-workers that the company is willing to invest in a new brand approach and communication policy.

The participants tend to be the core co-workers from different departments and hierarchical levels. A good mix guarantees animated discussions.

The participants do not have to make any special preparations for the Workshop. A positive and creative attitude and some open-mindedness produce the best results.


How much preparation is needed?

The results of the Brand DNA Workshop are discussed in a management report

The entire process consists of one introductory meeting, the Workshops (lasting +/- one day) and the final presentation. The total time investment of the management adds up to a maximum of two days.


What “deliverables” / output can I expect?

The results of the Brand DNA Workshop are discussed in a management report.

We represent the findings of the group tasks and the assessments by clear charts and spider diagrams.

We do not only offer inspiring analyses. We also recommend a retro plan with concrete actions that point out how we can gradually broaden the content of your brand/company and enhance its position on the short and on the long term.

We maken ook een retroplan met concrete acties hoe we stap per stap op korte en langere termijn uw merk / bedrijf meer inhoud kunnen geven en sterker kunnen positioneren.


How much will it cost?

The Brand DNA Workshops by C Box Communications are recognised by the SME subsidy scheme (KMO Portefeuille Subsidiëring ) which means that the Flemish Government pays 50% of the investment, provided that your company complies with the subsidy regulation.


Isn’t a Brand DNA Workshop intended for large companies with “real brands”?

The Brand DNA Workshop method is set up in such a way that it is an ideal instrument for pure production companies as well as B2B and FMCG companies or even non-profit organisations.

The size, turnover or sector are of no importance.

Our approach will work provided that you as CEO or the person in charge are convinced of the fact that a brand-driven approach will lead to a stronger competitive advantage. See entrepreneurial-oriented companies.


We just did a Mission, Vision, Strategy exercise. To what extent will it be useful to also organise a Brand DNA Workshop?

A mission and a vision are the foundation of a sound company strategy. However, many studies and real-life examples show that “mission” and “vision” are sometimes just big words.

In an article in Trends from 13 March 2008 Marc Beulens, partner of the Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School, refers to the thesis of Sebastian Desmidt, in which he draws the following conclusion: “Co-workers do not process the information included in the mission statement with the amount of intensity and consistency that could be expected based on the mission statement literature. In less academic terms: they just don’t care.”
The big challenge of a mission and vision lies in putting a written text into practice.
With the Brand DNA Workshop we offer a concrete interpretation of your mission and vision by converting them into a brand-driven approach in which each employee feels more involved and feels like a real brand ambassador for your company.

We just finished an Innovation/Design Workshop. In what way can the Brand DNA Workshop complement this?

You called upon the services of an innovation consultant or organised a design workshop during which you got an answer to questions like: “How can my products become an added value for the end user? “

These exercises have provided you with some interesting observations. But how are you going to convert those into an efficient brand strategy?

Which communication channels are you going to use? Which marketing plan are you going to implement?
With the Brand DNA Workshop we build on the conclusions from previous research and we write a go-to-market plan in order to put your brand in a better and stronger way on the market.

Why all the fuss? Why can’t you just write down a communication plan? That’s what I need the most.

“The things I need right now are a fancy sales leaflet and an efficient website. I’m not interested in all the fuss about strategy, vision and brands.”
Especially “companies of doers” tend to say such things. Action, results and sales figures are of key importance.
Even for these kinds of companies or business managers who are rather sceptical about everything relating to strategy and do not want to lose any time with (market)research, the Brand DNA Method has been able to bring about a breakthrough.

Our company is in the middle of a turbulent transition period. Is this the right time to organise a Brand DNA Workshop?

From experience we know that a Brand DNA Workshop is usually organised at the end of a turnaround process or when the majority of the internal processes such as logistics, IT and the internal structure have already been finalised.

Only then a great need for external communication arises and a Brand DNA Workshop proves to be most useful at that moment.

We performed a SWOT analysis. How is it different from a Brand DNA Workshop?

A Brand DNA Workshop goes much farther and digs much deeper than a SWOT analysis.

In many situations, a SWOT analysis can be an interesting analysis model but it has many restrictions because it only reflects the situation at a given moment in time. The Brand DNA Method reveals your brand values, your brand personality and your core competences. We use specialised assessments in order to grasp the essence of your brand identity. We define your brand promise and the manner in which you can radically distinguish yourself in the customer’s mind.

A SWOT is quite a superficial instrument and it usually does not get you much farther than the outside of your company/brand. A Brand DNA analysis uncovers the soul of your company on which we build a communication strategy for the following years.