Marketing Advice:

Brand DNA Workshop: for companies that want to move forward

The Brand DNA Method is a strategic tool, specifically developed for entrepreneurial-oriented companies.

In real terms, the Brand DNA Method is developed for companies with the following features:

>> You are a strong and solid organisation

with well-functioning processes, talented co-workers, unique products and satisfying financial results.

  • But how about your brand awareness and your market reputation?
  • Are your customers aware of the fact that you have been offering them also innovative solutions for a long time?
  • Is it frustrating to realise that the market does not (sufficiently) know what your company actually stands for and what you are specialised in?
  • The time has come to put yourself forward in a better and more explicit way.
    But how? And how are you going to convince everyone in the company of your plans?

With a Brand DNA analysis and an elaborate communication plan we will help you establish your brand step by step and make your co-workers proud of their company (again).

>>You are a “company of doers” with hard-working managers who spend 70 hours or more a week working for their company. There is hardly any time left to sit down and think about strategic choices.

  • Are we on the right track?
  • Shouldn’t we handle things differently?
  • Are we not missing any important opportunities?

A Brand DNA Workshop is highly time efficient. During a group session including yourself and your core co-workers of barely one day we help “companies of doers” reflect on themselves and become more aware of their brand identity and strategic position on the market. The result is a useful action plan in which we point your company in the right direction.

>>You are a young and fast-growing company.

  • Everything goes quite chaotic and opportunistic.
  • You are basically doing everything on your own.
  • You have to deal with all tasks and decisions yourself.
  • You find it difficult to delegate.

Some companies grow until they burst because no strategic choices are being made. You are missing opportunities because of a lack of focus and vision. You want to develop a structured marketing strategy and approach for the future.