Method & Tools: marketing-communication approach

The Brand DNA Workshop is a powerful compass you can rely on to make your company and your brand stronger and your communication more effective.

Geert Van Coillie, business manager of C Box Communications, conducts these strategic sessions and explains how things work:

“A Brand DNA Workshop is an interactive group session during which we encourage the team members to provide creative input. We see ourselves in the role of “facilitator” and coach who help you map the essence and soul of your brand and company. That is why we use various methods during a coached Brand DNA Workshop, such as association brainstorming, individual assessment exercises, projective techniques, psychodynamic mapping of your competitive position, measuring your brand equities or defining your Aaker brand personality position, etc.

The Brand DNA Workshop follows a structured outline and usually consists of the following steps:

Phase 1: Intake session with the CEO/Business manager. (1/2 day)

By means of the 7 C-Strategic Checklist we try to gain more insight into your company with regard to: Clients, Channels, Cost, Communication, Competitors, Co-workers.

Phase 2 : Brand DNA Workshop session (3/4 day)

  • The workshop preferably takes place outside the company so that the participants are not disturbed by e-mails or phone calls.
  • The number of people participating in a Brand DNA Workshop varies from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 15 people. We encourage diversity.
  • The participants tend to be the core co-workers from different departments and hierarchical levels. A good mix guarantees animated discussions.
  • The participants do not have to make any special preparations for the Workshop. A positive and creative attitude and some open-mindedness produce the best results.
  • The Workshop can be held in different languages: Dutch, French, English or Italian.

Phase 3: Final presentation for the board of directors (1/2 day)

  • The results of the Brand DNA Workshop are discussed in a management report, including a detailed marketing-communication plan.
  • We represent the findings of the group tasks and the assessments by clear charts and spider diagrams.
  • We do not only offer inspiring analyses. We also recommend a retro plan with concrete actions that point out how we can gradually broaden the content of your brand/company and enhance its position on the short and on the long term.