Strategic Brand Consulting

We convince entrepreneurial companies

to fully believe in a brand-driven approach with a strategy focusing on co-workers and corporate values.

We coach you and your co-workers

in order to capture the focus and the soul of your brand. For this purpose we perform state-of-the-art mapping analyses, projective techniques, personal assessments, group brainstorming exercises, ...

We speed up your growth ambitions

and your bottom-line results by implementing a communication strategy in which your brand essence is the driving force in all your business processes.

That is why we developed the Brand DNA Method. The Brand DNA Method is a program which comprises workshops and intensive communication coaching during which we help company managers to gain better strategic insights, resulting in a more competitive and successful company based on an aligned brand approach.


These Brand DNA Workshops will result in: action plan that can be put into practice immediately and in creating a strategic business plan, writing a short-term marketing plan and in drawing up a general communication plan.



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