Brand DNA Method and brand vision speed up your growth ambitions

The companies we have coached so far , we have often observed a strong product-oriented way of thinking. Internal processes, production, logistics, accounting,, … are of key importance. Hard figures are their main concern. Scorecard management seems to be sacred: all kinds of rates, checklists, procedures, … are being monitored on a daily basis. The company is rather a “product” than an actual “brand”.

Hardly any attention is being paid to the brand vision and more profound questions such as:

  • What does our company stand for?
  • What is our identity?
  • Which are our competences?
  • Which values are important to us?
  • Where are we headed?

With the Brand DNA Method we coach companies in becoming more “brand”-driven. One of first things to do is to define the brand essence of your company. Our goal is to convince management in putting the brand forward as the one central organising principle guiding all other processes in the company


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