Brand Dna Workshop for Sales en Marketing Managers:

>>Brand Degradation

Research shows that consumers hardly notice the differences between your products and those of your competitors. During the Brand DNA Workshop we redefine the content and essence of your brand. The results are converted into an authentic brand story.

>>Brand Update

There are various brands in your portfolio. Your intuition tells you and your marketing/sales team what they stand for.

  • But which deeper brand equities and brand personalities are there behind your brands?
  • What is the brand promise?

In order to map this process in a detailed manner, we help you (re)discover the inherent distinguishing power of your brands through the Brand DNA Workshop with in-depth assessments.

>>Price Pressure

Your sales team think your products are much too expensive in comparison to the other market players. Furthermore, they complain about the fact that your closest competitors use much more resources to finance aggressive promotions, actions, incentives, etc.

  • How do you make sure your challenger brands do not force you out of the market?
  • Which arguments can you offer your sales team without ending up with a rocketing marketing budget.

The Brand DNA Workshop helps sales and marketing managers draw up a stronger sales argumentation, based on your brand’s final values.