The Brand DNA Workshop was very useful to me because it added structure to an artistic vagueness.

Up until now, the company Symo had two brands, i.e. Symo and Sywawa, for which Symo also served as company name. Three years ago we created Sywawa as a new brand for an entirely new product line.

It was not clear to our co-workers what Symo and what Sywawa actually stood for. Everyone sensed what the difference was between the two brands but no one succeeded in properly formulating that difference.

Now, both brands have well-defined personalities and the company Symo is also distinguishable from the brands. Furthermore, we use the brand DNAs to clearly brief the advertising agency on the message and personality that our advertising campaigns for our two brands should convey.

I am very satisfied with the results.
Pierre Christiaens, Ceo, Symo Parasols Bruges