How is the Brand DNA Method Unique?

The Brand DNA Method is an entirely new approach to make your company a more brand-driven organisation. Our customers appreciate our approach:

Innovative. Because together with you, we want to break boundaries.

  • The Brand DNA Workshop uses an entirely new outlook on your corporate strategy: brand-oriented thinking is an attitude that can be trained and that positively supports your results. Your brand is not an appendage to your company, but becomes the driving force behind all your strategic choices.
  • We inspire. We let you look at your company or brand like you never did before. We ask simple and disarming questions. That way we bring some fresh air into your company.
  • We give you and your co-workers a new confidence boost and a renewed feeling of pride towards their company and products.

Thorough. Because we dig deep.

  • The Brand DNA Workshop Method is a well-founded analysis model which was developed by Geert Van Coillie, CEO of C Box Communications. This method is based on a very large amount of hands-on experience as well as on the newest insights and most recent trends in the field of professional brand management and brand-driven strategic thinking.
  • We adopt an in-depth approach. Step by step. We are well-prepared, offering intensive training and above all, showing much empathy towards your problem areas.
  • Our Brand DNA “Work”-shops especially include hard work, brainstorming, reflection and discussions in small groups or with everyone together. The input of each participant counts. For a CEO or manager it can be very enriching to get to know your co-workers in a new way.

Effective. Because we like tangible results.

  • The Brand DNA Workshop Method works Our customers consider it a highly effective tool to achieve sustained results.
  • Not only do we introduce new forms of expertise into your company, we also guide you through the implementation phase in order to transform your products into stronger brands.
  • We create team spirit and an ideal moment to get everyone on the same page

Efficient. Because your budget is our budget.

  • Time efficient. Starting up a Brand DNA process requires a minimal time investment for the CEO and co-workers. The number of preparatory meetings, the workshops and the final presentation are reduced to a minimum.
  • We are task-focused, work with a strict schedule and we do not like to slack.
  • Our goal: create a real change in the mind and the actions of your co-workers.