Communication Strategy:

Why choose the Brand DNA method?

For your communication strategy, the Brand DNA workshop is an efficient instrument with concrete, short-term results in case you are confronted with the following situations:

>Your sales margins are becoming increasingly smaller.

  • The pressure on selling prices becomes increasingly higher.
  • The buyers with whom you negotiate, are only interested in the price, not in the added value you have to offer.
  • Your products or services are increasingly looked upon as commodities.
  • The extent to which you can differentiate your products from those of your competitors becomes increasingly smaller.

Through the Brand DNA Workshop we will try to find your unique market position. And we will look for a way in which you can radically differentiate yourself in the customer’s mind.

>As a production or B2B company

  • Terms such as cost cutting, lean, operational excellence, quality optimisation,... are very high on the agenda.
  • There is no real communication strategy, let alone a brand strategy.

The Brand DNA approach will help you become a more brand-oriented organisation by positioning your own brand identity in the market and by outlining a specially adapted communication strategy that matches your brand personality.

>You want to change the culture of apathy towards a brand-oriented view.

  • The only thing that matters in your company is working hard and selling much.
  • "We’ve been doing it that way for about 20 years and it’s always worked well"
  • Value-driven management, brand-oriented views and strategic mumbo-jumbo are not part of your company culture.
  • You want to change this and adjust your company’s future direction step by step.

The Brand DNA method and the coaching sessions are ideal instruments to turn these intentions into a realistic plan.

>What does your brand/company really stand for?

  • Everyone in the company has a different opinion on that matter, if they even have one.
  • You are a “company of doers” and you have never organised a strategy exercise before.

Organising a Brand DNA workshop is the perfect moment to get everyone on the same page and to start pursuing a more conscious and uniform brand policy with a matching communication strategy.