Brand-driven corporate strategy

"Brand DNA isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game"

"Brand Orientation"is a philosophy in which your brand is the central point of all corporate processes.

Not one process next to the other, but having the brand in the role of central driving force, guiding all other strategic decisions. die alle andere strategische beslissingen stuurt.

A successful strategic Brand DNA exercise guides the internal and external communication, as well as your sales and HR (which profiles match our DNA?).

The Brand DNA can also lead your innovation and design policy
Very often, designers send design proposals after which the management takes go/ no-go decisions based merely on intuition. An entrepreneur who has adopted the Brand DNA way of thinking writes a briefing himself that matches the brand DNA and the future plans of the company. Thanks to this strategy, the process can be better controlled and the output will match the brand strategy to a larger extent.

The same logic applies to external communication. Many companies still make decisions based on fancy pictures and slogans without ever asking themselves this question: “Does this graphic design or campaign concept actually match our brand promise and our brand vision?