Brand DNA Method: strategic advice for CEOs:

The Brand DNA Method is a strategic tool that can be used in the following situations:

>> You have recently been appointed new CEO or shareholder and you and your core co-workers want to start reflecting upon strategic matters.

  • What does your company stand for and where do you want to take it?
  • A well-defined brand strategy is a starting point for the organisation and points the way for all co-workers.

By means of the Brand DNA Workshop we guide you through this process by laying down your brand vision and values in a feasible and realistic step-by-step communication and marketing plan.

>>Your company has been taken over or has merged with another company.

  • You want to align the brand visions within your teams.
  • You need a thorough analysis of your new identity and an answer to the following question: what is the message and which communication channels should we use?

The Brand DNA Workshop has a great psychological impact on the participants. After the workshop they feel united and face the future with renewed energy.

>>You are picking up market signals or through market research you find that there is dissatisfaction amongst customers or employees.

  • You are trying to find a way to turn the tide.
  • You want to adopt a new strategic direction or a new approach.

A Brand DNA Workshop is the ideal time to change the direction of the mindset within your company.

>> There already is a “mission, vision, values” document in your company.

This is a first, positive step towards becoming a brand-driven organisation. But this mission document must become more than just a PowerPoint presentation during the last board meeting or the neatly bound file on your desk.

  • How can you apply this to an actual brand vision that can be widely adopted within and outside your organisation?
  • How are we going to win over our co-workers to support this plan?
  • And which communication strategy will we use?

With the Brand DNA Workshop we take into account earlier strategic sessions. We convert all positive energy into an action plan that can be put into practice immediately so that you can actually see the progress that is being made.

>> The company does not have enough expertise to elaborate a brand strategy.

  • You are trying to find fresh, new ideas.
  • As business manager your intuition points you into the right direction but you would like some professional outside help to guide everyone through this process without any problems.
  • You are searching for a sparring-partner who can think along with your company.